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National pharmaceutical distribution company Tetis has been working on the market of the Republic of Moldova since 1994. It is currently one of the largest companies, specialized in import and wholesale of pharmaceutical and medical products.

In December, 2002 Tetis Company was one of the first to get accreditation from National Committee of Evaluation and Accreditation in Healthcare. Since 2001 our Company has been a collective member of Pharmaceutical Association of the Republic of Moldova. According to Tax Department of the Republic of Moldova, Tetis Company is one of the biggest taxpayers in the country. Prompt and regular tax payment is the fundamental principle of our Company.

Our major principles are the following: we create the most comfortable working conditions for our clients and guarantee accurate fulfillment of our obligations for our partners.

A highly-skilled staff – 100% of sales managers are graduated pharmacists, advanced marketing methods, high quality service - these are the central pillars our Company is based on. Such policy won for our Company a strong reputation of a firm that always respects its promises and is highly trustworthy in modern business-world.

Currently Tetis Company collaborates with a wide range of pharmaceutical producers from Western and Eastern Europe, including world-known companies.


The Mission of Tetis is to satisfy the population needs in qualitative pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products; to render to our partners and clients informative, analytical and technical services.