About company
Tetis International is a national pharmaceutical distribution company. Our primary focus is to cover the needs of medical and pharmacy institutions in quality pharmaceuticals all over the country.
Office and Warehouse Complex

Legislation of the Republic of Moldova has specific requirements in equipment and warehouse premise designed for storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals. Therefore as far back as on project stage all the necessary demands in structure, location and equipment of TETIS new office and warehouse complex were taken into consideration. Furthermore, knowing Moldova's urge to be a part of the European Union, our Company paid a close attention to the EU requirements in pharmaceutical warehousing. We pride ourselves in following all applicable Governing laws and highest standards.


Our Warehouse space constitutes more than 4600 sq m and represents an interrelated system of specialized storage places, capable to provide proper processing and storage for all type of pharmaceuticals. The warehouse is supplied with unified information system, modern handling and warehouse equipment. This guarantees ultimate efficiency and precision of our work.

Ultimate Product Portfolio.
A wide range of pharmaceuticals is constantly available in TETIS warehouse in Chisinau. Hereby all the regulation requirements on the storage of different groups of drugs are satisfied. Thermal regime is strictly kept. Shelf life is under permanent control.. A full set of documents for each article commanded (including Quality Certificates) accompanies every order.