About company
Tetis International is a national pharmaceutical distribution company. Our primary focus is to cover the needs of medical and pharmacy institutions in quality pharmaceuticals all over the country.
Our staff

TETIS - is an affinity group. Our highly skilled personnel is a passport to successful development of the Company.
Our employees stand out because of their unity, team spirit, motivation and search for new solutions.

Recruiting is possible only after a thorough evaluation of a candidate's professional skills and experience. The decision depends not only on the opinion of Department Heads, but also on the one of the possible future colleagues of a candidate.

Performance Evaluation is carried out based on objective factors and regular reports. Our clients and partners estimation is vital.

Personnel motivation - is an integrated system we pay a lot of attention to. In our Company there is a scheme of financial and non-financial recognition. The best employees are appreciated with cash bonus and public recognition of their success.

Our Company considers professional development of its personnel to be very important. Various specialized meetings and courses are hosted by guest experts. Our foreign partners help us a great deal organizing issue-related seminars and trainings. The latter are held in the Company's Conference Room.