About company
Tetis International is a national pharmaceutical distribution company. Our primary focus is to cover the needs of medical and pharmacy institutions in quality pharmaceuticals all over the country.

Immuno+ is a chain of vaccination centers, developed in close partnership with Glaxosmithkline (Great Britain). In the Republic of Moldova there are five specialized vaccination centers. They give children and adults access to the most qualitative vaccines, preventing a wide range of diseases.
Visit Immuno.md.


Hippocrates is a modern pharmacy chain, covering the majority of cities in the Republic of Moldova. It provides wide variety of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products. Our highly-skilled pharmacists are always there to help. You can also find the whole range of products for personal hygiene, correction and body protection. Visit Hippocrates.md.


Promomedical is a promotion department. We work to help pharmaceutical manufacturers that do not have representatives in the Republic of Moldova promote their products in medical and pharmacy institutions and assist the representatives to improve the efficiency of their marketing campaigns. Visit Promomedical.md.