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Tetis International is a national pharmaceutical distribution company. Our primary focus is to cover the needs of medical and pharmacy institutions in quality pharmaceuticals all over the country.
Sun creams


Various products of skincare for safe tanning with different UV-factors for people with different sensitivity to sunlight and products used after sun exposure are represented in sun care series "BIOKON". These products have different forms, from milk and cream to tanning oil. They are easy to use, provide safe protection from harmful solar radiation, secure against ultraviolet radiation during bathing and give an opportunity to emphasize the beauty of the body.


"Panthenol-active" balsam and "Panthenol-active" foam for children are product innovations that are used after sunburn. Their formula enriched with panthenol quickly and effectively soothes and softens skin after sunburns, stimulates skin recovery, both products eliminate reddening, feeling of tightness and burning.


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